How to quit smoking

By Faeza
09 July 2015

They say quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. We are no expert in this field but we do have some tips to help you quit smoking.

Five Ways To Quit Smoking:

  • Use Medication: - Try using medication to quit smoking if other means fails.

  • Cut Down On Cigarettes Per Day: If you happen to smoke between 8 and 10 cigarettes per day, cut down to 5 per day and from there you will slowly quit.

  • Put More Effort: It is important to make sure that you go all out to know more about how you can quit smoking because it needs more effort. Learn more about it and you will be directed to use gums to try and stop the cravings.

  • Reasons to Quit: You have to know the reasons why you want to quit, it may be because it has caused an illness such as heart attack or negative sex performance.

  • Going To The Gym: Find something like going to the gym or playing soccer to make you stop smoking. Exercising will help you forget about the cravings and help you be healthy.