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How to stop fighting over money

By Faeza
21 January 2016

Oh good heavens help us, but can this month end already? Like a friend said the other day: January really is the Monday of the year. Especially financially. Seriously, how long until payday? We are all so very, very broke.

Which brings me to my point this week – did you know that money is regarded as one of the main things couples fight about?

Okay, I’m sorry, of course you knew that. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve watched other couples fight about it or read about it in one of the million articles or books written on the subject.

I’ve always found the way other couples manage their money fascinating. It’s amazing how much insight you can get into a relationship based on this knowledge alone. And while it’s not fair and sometimes very far from accurate, I do judge the health and stability and longevity of a relationship according to its financial arrangements.

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