How to survive load-shedding

By Faeza
25 June 2015

We have all been exposed to the extra-cold winter in South Africa and load-shedding has not made it easy on any of us. here's what you can do to ward off the winter blues:

  • Buy flasks to help you keep warm water
  • buy candles and use them when the lights go off
  • There are old-fashioned paraffin lanterns if you do not mind
  • There are camp lights, try finding ones that use solar power to recharge
  • If you have a fire p-lace buy wood
  • if you have children do not leave them unattended near the fire
  • Consol has a Solar Jar that will keep parts of your house lit

You can google and see when the load-shedding schedule is going to hit your area and prepare in advance.

Picture credit: Timeslive