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How to treat dark patches on your skin

By Faeza
01 July 2016

Hyperpigmentation (dark patches on skin) occur when the skin over produces melanin. They appear as patches that are darker than your normal skin tone. They are not only limited to the face but they can also appear on your legs, arms, neck and back. Some women experience this during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. The problem can also be caused by excessive exposure to the sun.


¦ Scrub or exfoliate the skin twice a week

to prevent oil or dirt build up.

¦ Buy pigmentation products which

contain vitamin C. This will help heal

your skin.

¦ Always wear sunscreen when you are

out in the sun.

¦ Do not irritate the skin with continuous


¦ Don't be tempted to buy products

from the black market which promise to

remove pigmentation. No proper research

has been done on them.