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How To Wear Chunky Jewelry: Four Fashion Tips To Follow

By admin
09 September 2013

Tip One:  When wearing large and colorful statement jewelry, try to keep your clothing a solid color - no crazy patterns or florals. This takes the attention away from your gorgeous jewelry!  Tip Two: When wearing a large chunky necklace, keep your other jewelry, accessories, and makeup toned down and elegant. This way, you avoid the "eccentric-old-lady-who-wears-all-the-jewelry-she owns-at-once" appearance. Tip Three: Take your statement jewelry and try to color coordinate separate pieces, along with your clothing, for a beautiful result. Tip Four: When wearing big, chunky earrings, the best way to have your hair is...UP! Why, you may ask? Most chunky statement earrings have some component to them that your hair can get stuck or tangled on. If you have short hair, this is not a biggie for you, but for the girls with long can be very painful if you're not careful!