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How to work and study at the same time

By Faeza
08 August 2016

If you are working and currently thinking about furthering your studies to improve your career, Ipfi Mulaudzi, a medical technologist who recently graduated with a distinction in a business management course at IQ Academy, says go for it.


Before making the big move, ask yourself the following questions and be honest: Is the course I want to study in line with what I want to do in the future? Will I have to change careers? Do I have enough time to study? When working on the answers, include your long-term and shortterm goals in the test decision. Do your research well because most employees assume they will automatically get a higher salary or promotion after completing the new qualification, but this is not always the case. The situation differs with each qualification, field and company. Re-evaluate your studies continuously and request timely meetings with your human resources practitioner or mentor to share your new career goals.


If you plan to study, give yourself enough time to work out your budget so you can pay for your studies and survive. Discuss with your partner or family which activities can be outsourced or delegated so you can have enough time and energy to concentrate on your career, studies and social life. Set goals and commit to overcome setbacks along the way. Ipfi advices fellow employed students to give themselves enough time to study before exams.


Distance learning is a flexible and dynamic way to further your studies and institutions like IQ Academy offer unique programmes and have a reputable track record of students who have successfully completed their short courses. As an accredited private institution, IQ Academy offers students an affordable learning experience without compromising on quality.


Personal savings: Start saving immediately for your education. List all your expenses and strive to reduce items you can live without to increase the monthly savings.

Loan: You can apply for a study loan from a bank. Double check what the loan covers and what the repayment amounts and interest rate will be.

Bursary: If the company you work for awards bursaries, take advantage of this opportunity. Read the terms and conditions before deciding to apply for or accept the funding.


Durban-based businesswoman Usha Maharaj encourages employees to know their strengths and weaknesses and take steps to improve them. This will set you apart from your colleagues and give your career a boost.


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