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Hugs or handshakes?

By admin
16 August 2013

Let’s face it, not everyone we meet is fond of or comfortable with hugging. Lately, hugging has become the “in” thing, especially for the younger generation. Move! asks a couple of celebs whether they prefer a hug or a handshake.

DJ C’ndo

I love hugging because it’s a way of showing affection and when you give someone a hug, you can always tell his or her mood. Apart from anything else, I think hugging shows that you’re happy to meet that particular person and that you care about him or her.

Zion of Liquid Deep

I have nothing against hugging, but to be honest, I think it all depends on who I’m giving a hug to. I must admit that I do enjoy hugging people.

Rhythmic Elements’ McKenzie

When it comes to hugging, I prefer to hug people who are close to me or who I’ve met before. However, when I meet a stranger, I prefer a handshake because it shows respect, especially if it’s an elderly person.