I always fake the climax

By admin
22 October 2013

  ”I am a lady of 23 and my problem is that when I'm making love to my boyfriend I do not climax. I always fake it. Please tell me how I can stop this faking business.” – Louisa   Move! Expert advice  

You have got to do the work of a woman. This means that if you are not having orgasms by yourself with masturbation, then you must start to learn not to fake it.

Playing with yourself on your own in a relaxed and comfortable place is how you can learn to become an orgasmic woman. Once you can have orgasms by stimulating your genitals on your own, you can move on to the difficult part, which is showing him how to pleasure you. Move his hands to the right places and tell him what you love. Most men believe that a woman becomes orgasmic when he thrusts his penis into her. We women know this is not the whole story. So have the courage to be telling him what you like – for your sake, not his.