“I am a virgin”

By admin
27 August 2013

I’m a 20-year-old guy and have a girlfriend who wants us to start having sex, but I am a virgin. She has started performing oral sex, and that’s the only thing I seem to be interested in right now. Is there something wrong with me? Am I ready for the next step?


Move! Expert Advice

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re an honest young man who needs to know that you have the right to say, ‘No I’m not ready for penetration.’ Of course, you love oral sex – and why shouldn’t you? So explore a lot more before you rush into penetration, if this is your wish. By the way, I hope you’re also doing oral sex on your girlfriend, too? Don’t forget to use a condom when you start having sex, and make sure you are both tested for HIV/Aids and other STIs. This is important in every relationship.