'I Am Dating My Ex'

By admin
20 May 2015

Ask Dr Eve

I am 20-years-old. I’m currently dating my ex-boyfriend and I just feel otherwise about that I don’t know if it’s loneliness or something. I feel I don’t love the guy but the guy assures me that he loves me but I don’t feel such cause I think he might want to revenge or maybe he wants to show I’m a whore.


Dr Eve answers

You’re a smart young woman, You see exactly what is going. And mostly you feel this all lacks honesty. It really does not matter if this guy loves you. Many guys will love you. You have to respect, care and feel attracted to a man and if you don’t you should leave him. If you feel used and that he wants to ruin your reputation, you must leave, Loneliness will feel sore but being with this guy you will always feel worse. Let him go now please.

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