I am lonely

By admin
13 October 2013

“I am an 31-year old man, lonely and with no-one to share my life with. My problem is that I am looking for a man who could make my life happy. I also need a child with the person that I will be sharing my life with.” – Desperate   Move! Expert advice

I am very sorry to hear about your loneliness because this is not fun for anybody. I suggest you try to open up and mix with people, but make sure that they live the same lifestyle as you do. This would make it easier for you to find a partner. Before you consider having a child, make sure that your partner’s background is sound. You will have to consider adoption, because your partner will be the same sex as you. Social workers tend to do a thorough investigation before they place a child with adoptive parents. This is mainly to make sure that the child will be in good, safe and loving hands. I wish you the best.