"I Bleed during sex"

By admin
17 August 2013

I’m a woman aged 40, and I abstained from sex for four years. Now, I’ve started seeing someone, but I bleed all the time during sex. Is there something I can do to stop the bleeding as it is affecting my sex life? Could my age be a factor in this case? MaLebo, Pretoria   MOVE! EXPERT ADVICE

I think this is a good time to go for a pap smear just to make sure all is well with your hormones, vagina and reproductive system. It’s not unusual, though. If there has been no sexual activity for a while, the vagina can become dry, and the muscles surrounding the area tighten and make it difficult to penetrate again. This can result in bleeding. There are great products on the market that can help you sort this out quickly. But it’s best to speak to your doctor first and then take it from there. It could be nothing serious.