I married the boy next door

By Faeza
01 March 2016

laughing hugging man

When fate brings you and your spouse together, there's is always a great story to tell.

He was the boy next door. He seemed to always be working on his old Mini in their driveway. I often saw him when I would unwillingly have to water my mother's garden.

The one day, l heard the start to the next 38+ years., "Hi, what is your name?" he calls.

We later started dating. I remember having to push that Mini, while he sat behind the steering wheel. It had a hole in the floor and we saw the road going by as we drove.

He later started his business with a screwdriver in his pocket & has taught me the meaning of the wordpatience.

After all these years, we are still so in love & I am always so happy to see him. He is the most amazing, wonderful & hard-working man.

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