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I miss bonking my ex-botfriend

By Faeza
15 July 2016


I’m 21 and currently live with my baby’s father. We’ve just gotten back together after breaking up last year. The problem is I don’t enjoy having sex with him anymore.

The sex is just too dry and painful.

During our breakup, I met a guy who satisfied me in bed. I miss him so much.

I’m confused, please help.


A Painful and dry sex can be due to an infection, so you need to test for STDs. It may also

be because you are not aroused as you have no desire to be with your baby’s father.

It’s important to try and reconcile when there’s a child involved.

But this only works if both of you have dealt with the reasons why you broke up in the first place. Now you’ve added in a new element of another man who you desire.

I suggest you go for counselling as you are clearly not happy in your current relationship.