I suspect that he might have HIV or Aids.

By admin
10 October 2013

“I have been going out with my boyfriend for a long time. Our relationship was all right for a time and then things just changed suddenly. Whenever I ask him to make love to me, he complains that his penis is sore. I do not trust him anymore because I think he is involved with someone back home and I also suspect that he might have HIV or Aids. He has shingles and he always feels weak. When I ask him to go to the doctor, he says he does not want to become stressed. Is it wise to make love to him under these conditions?” – Joyce, Germiston     Move! Expert advice

It seems the most loving thing you can do for your man – and yourself – is get him to see a doctor. I always become suspicious when a relationship changes suddenly, or when a man suddenly changes his sexual interest and behaviour. It usually means he is hiding something. This is his way of avoiding you. You know he is in trouble, but he does not know how to tell you and this can be dangerous. If what you suspect is true, then of course it is not safe to allow him to penetrate you sexually.

You should also to have HIV counselling and a test. This may be a scary thing for you, but it is in your best interests. Please take action as soon as you can and I wish you luck getting your man to a doctor.