'I Was Born Out Of Incest'

By admin
19 May 2015

His family kept the secret away from him that his uncle and mom are his parents

IT’S always ideal to know who fathered you and to have some sort of relationship with that

person. That has been Meshack Sibanyoni’s wish for years, only to find out that his father is actually his uncle and his mom is a woman he grew up calling aunt, a woman he had no close relationship with until she passed on when Meshack was still very young. Though

he needed the truth in order to answer the many questions he Meshack Sibanyoni cuts a lonely figure as he contemplates his future after discovering that his parents are his uncle and mother, relatives who share a surname had about his heartbreaking bringing, Meshack’s life took a turn for the worst after finding out what he refers to as “the truth he

needed to hear”.

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