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Iconic Entertainer Thembi Mtshali-Jones

By admin
24 August 2013

A friendly, experienced person and a loving grandmother.

She’s one of the country’s mostrespected artists and has seenMzansi through generations ofentertainment. Thembi Mtshali-Jones shows off her fun side.


I’m a very friendly person, and make friends easily everywhere I go.

What are your best memories of the industry?

Meeting and working with a lot of different people, and travelling. I have been to places I would never otherwise have been able to visit.

What values do you teach your grandchildren?

I want them to know the history of their ancestors. I’m working on a documentary of our family tree.

What hurts you about oursociety?

To see children begging in the street.

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend time with my grandchildren away from television. We play games, read stories and have fun.

Is there a day that you hold close to your heart?

When Madiba came out of prison in 1990, I was one of the artists who were invited to his house in Soweto to welcome him. He greeted us, calling us by our names without being told. I will never forget that day. It was such an amazing experience.

The most romantic thing you have done is…

A while ago, I took my husband to a remote village, near Ulundi, where I grew up. There is no one living there now, but our family’s graves are still there. He and I sat under the trees, and had a picnic. My husband took out a bottle of whisky and poured some onto the ground to share with my ancestors, while I told him some of my childhood stories. It was great.