Idols SA twist: Not all 78 of the Golden Ticket winners end up at Sun City!

By Faeza
04 August 2015

The 78 Golden Tickets that were handed out lead all the hopeful Idols contestants to one destination: Sun City in the North West Province.

In this week’s episode of Idols SA, the bus to Sun City makes a pit stop and not everybody will be heading to Sun City. The million dollar questions we need to ask are: Who will be going to Sun City and who won’t?

"The Idols judges have found some incredible talent across the country this season , but during the even-tenser-than-before Theatre Week these young singers will have to deliver their absolute best at all times and prove their musical versatility," says M-Net's Head of Publicity, Lani  Lombard.  "As Khaya and Graeme will explain to them, it's not easy being a full-time musician, and we need to make sure that the contestants have the will to succeed against all odds."

At the end of the Idols SA Theatre Phase, the judges will put forward the names of the contestants who will be singing for the public vote. So the big question is: Who will come out tops at Idols "Hell Week" at Sun City? You may just ask one of these questions as well:

On the video page on the official Idols SA season 11 at, scroll down to “Wooden Mic" category and select your favourite. You can also pick your favourite on WeChat on the IdolsSA ID. Please note that you are allowed 10 selections per platform only and that the Wooden Mic winner will be announced at the Idols SA final in November.