In love with my two boyfriends

By admin
07 October 2013

  “I have two boyfriends. Both treat me with care and love, but I don’t know which one to choose. One is kind of boring and we have been going out for four years. The one I find exciting is the guy I’ve been going out with for one year. They do not know about each other. My problem is that I‘m not sure if Mr One Year will stay longer, whereas I know Mr Four Years will always be with me. Can you help me make a decision because I’m not proud of myself?” – Tshidi, Pretoria   Move! Expert advice  

I think that you are fully aware of who of the two is trustworthy and who of the two you love. Choosing is not as difficult as you make it out to be. It appears that the one you “find exciting” is the one you love but he might not love you as much as you would like him to – or as much as the one who is “kind of boring”.  I believe the latter is the one for you, provided you love him. To be honest, I don’t think you have intimate feelings for him. You would never think of someone you truly love as “kind of boring”; he might be to others but not to you. If I were you, I would forget the two of them and move on with my life. Good luck!