In-vitro fertilisation is the only way to get pregnant?

By admin
04 October 2013

  “I have a problem: I can’t get pregnant. I was sterilised and then had it reversed. My gynaecologist told me my tubes are not functioning and the only way for me to get pregnant is by in vitro fertilisation. How much will it cost? Is there another way to become pregnant?” – Rose, e-mail   Move! Expert advice

Hello Rose. I am not a medical doctor so I am unable to give you the expert answer you deserve. In fact, the best person to consult is a gynaecologist who is an infertility expert. I do know that when one reverses a sterilisation it is possible that a pregnancy will not happen due to some damage, which is your experience. You need to look at all options and costs so that you know what your options are.

As a sexologist, I must remind you that infertility treatment and generally trying to fall pregnant can put strain on your sexual life. Be aware of this and try to keep the sex fun and not just for making a baby.