Inmates accounted for after fire at Sun City prison

By Faeza
26 October 2016

Inmates of a Johannesburg prison started a fire in a courtyard on Wednesday morning, correctional services spokesperson Manelisi Wolela told News24.

"Offenders started a fire after unlocking this morning, in the courtyard of Medium B correctional centre in Johannesburg. They burnt waste bins."

Wolela said officials extinguished the fire. There were no injuries or deaths, and no cells were damaged. The situation was under control.

The jail is popularly known as Sun City.

A prisoner count was done to ensure everyone was accounted for. Correctional services officials would hold talks with the inmates to discuss the reasons for their behaviour, Wolela said.

Internal disciplinary processes would be instituted and criminal charges brought against those offenders found responsible for the fires.

Source: News24