Inqola Yolwazi with Mbali Mbotho

By admin
25 October 2013

Inqola Yolwazi a mid day show, driven by Mbali Mbotho during week days Monday to Friday, from 11am to 2pm.

Radio Sunny South 97.0FM

  What is the content of the show? The show is about magazine, fashion and beauty, households and social issues; it is also focusing on different traditions and beliefs merely Nguni culture. Inqola Yolwazi also socialize with people to assist them in different way e.g. food parcels, clothes and counseling.   What did you add for the show to be more informative? As I present and produce the show, I always think of some new ways of how to upgrade my show and make it more productive, I decided to invite Mr. Musa Mseleku who is the business men, working under Ugu Municipality and he is also a Polygamist.   What is Musa's Role in this show! He is here to educate people about different cultures, beliefs and to answer the questions raised by the youth based on our Nguni culture.   Who are you targeting by bringing this information into your show? The truth is, we are all lost in these days, by looking at  how people live, if show that it time for us more especial Nguni people to go back to our roots, how do we do that? We need knowledge of who we are and what is Ubuntu. So everyone young and elders are invited to listen and practice to live good and respectful life.   What can you say to the Move magazine reader to encourage listening to your show?

Firstly I would say your Move! is the result of who you are! The way you speak is the reflection of where you from...the way you treat people is the reflection of your parents and their teaching in your life. Read Move! magazine if you’re a woman of dream and listen to Inqola Yolwazi noMbali Mbotho every day from 11 to 2pm.