Is a matric certificate enough?

By admin
06 November 2013

What are your career options with only a matric?

Some other career directions you will be able to take with matric only are bank teller or cashier, the police service, traffic service and defence force, security work, emergency services such as fire fighting, delivery work, post office work, call centre operator, construction work and crèche assistant. In most of these careers, your employer will invest some time to train you for the specific position or expect you to do certain courses. Your willingness to do courses via the work or in your own time will enhance your chances of progressing.

For nursing, for example, you will need to do either a diploma or a degree course to register as a professional nurse. With a Grade 10 qualification, you can enrol as a pupil nursing assistant with the Netcare Training Academy, for example, and become an assistant nurse. You can then train to become an enrolled nurse and after that you can qualify as a registered nurse.