Is getting money out of a relationship wrong? Part2

By admin
03 October 2013

Thenjiwe Dlozi says “Maybe if I was working I wouldn’t be involved with the other men.” Her cousin doesn’t approve of what she does, because she says that she is prostituting herself. “I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. There are no jobs, and my child can’t go hungry.”

Psychologist Kwezi Nyewe shares her views.

She is unemployed and sees what she is doing as her only option. What other options are there for her?

She is in a very difficult situation, especially because there are high levels of unemployment in the country. However, lots of women find ways and means to make a living without resorting to what she is doing. She should make a list of what she wants to change in her life, including her financial situation. She should be realistic in her approach, for example, she cannot expect a high paying job with little education and no skills. She must try to not live beyond her means and must expect that doing things on her own will not be easy.

Is this a form of prostitution?

Some people would say it is. However, she is the only person who has the right to label her actions. Most people have a conscious or inner voice that tells them what is right and wrong, even though they might go against this voice. Society has also set up rules and guidelines in the way we should behave. She must do some introspection or self-examination about her feelings, thoughts and motives.