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Is love true without sacrifice?

By Faeza
31 October 2015

Do you know what true love is? What defines true love in your world? Is true-love to you the observation of special days, like birthdays, anniversaries, receiving special gifts and money or sex, nagging and emotional blackmailing?

Have you ever been in a true-love relationship? Can true-love be true without faith and self sacrifice? Can true love be something that changes or be transfered to another for personal gain? Can true-love die because of betrayal, traded for better or stolen?

My brethren true-love grows where there is adversity and where there are challenges. Can your love stand adversities? True-love cannot listen to negative words said about the one it has chosen.

True-love is not selfish, does not consider its own happiness, but of the one that which it has set its heart on, that in itself, is happiness. True-love can easily be hurt, but equally forgives at the same breath and pace. It protects even at its own detriment. True love cannot be hindered by language, colour, shape or size. True-love is gracious and generous.The one who has it forgives much.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH