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Is Ranthumeng coming back ?

By admin
17 February 2014

Nothing is perfect, it’s often said, but Thandaza and Ranthumeng’s marriage was close toperfection in the beginning. This of course didn’t last very long because of their individual unresolved histories.

Thandaza had unfinished business with Pheko, the so-called ‘one that got away’ and Ranthumeng,

now played by Brian Temba, had baby-mama drama with a woman who was not yet over her dreams of having him all to herself and building a home together. All this was enough to see their marriage ending. They had both cheated with their past partners and failed to resolve their marriage issues. Now with Vusi back from boarding school, Thandaza feels the gap of a male figure in the house. She is desperate to contact Ranthumeng, but sadly learns that he has been involved in an accident.

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