Isibaya's Mabuyi tells us on how it all started

By Faeza
19 August 2016


She grew up in a farm, and was raised by her grandmother. Samkelo knew that one day she will be an entertainer but never knew that it will get to where she is now. “I loved singing a lot, sometimes it would annoy my grandmother because I was too loud”, she laughs.

Samkelo always wanted to be an entertainer at a very young age. She entered a musical event to become a lead vocalist. “Not only I wanted to sing but also admired presenting”.

“After high school I was discovered by Multi Art in Kwamashu that was based in town. They wanted me to come do theatre with them, so I had to move from the farm and went to live Durban,” says Samkelo.

When I first got to theatre, they told me that I had to play a role. I was confused because I was only singer, I never went to drama school but they just encouraged me to give it a try and it worked,” she says.


Samkelo Mkhize grew her career in theater, and decided to up her game by going on television, “My first appearance on television was on Uzalo that airs on SABC 1, but it was just a short role where I played a representative”.

“I remember the day I visited my friend in Johannesburg, there was a flyer that showcased the Isibaya auditions in Durban. My head was all over the place because I didn’t know how I was going to get to Durban on such notice,” says Samkelo.

Luckily for Samkelo’s her friend managed to book her a plane ticket for her so that she gets to the audition. My friends always believed in me, and saw how much I really wanted the shot,” she says.

She went to the auditions and everything went well, two month later she received a call from the director of Isibaya telling her that she got the part.


Samkelo says being in theatre made her discovered a lot of things about herself. “My first musical play in theatre was Madam President, and the part made me become popular. People still call me madam President, “.

“I played my character very and got nominated for best new comer, and that is one of the best highlight of my career”, Samkhelo says.

Samkelo plays a role of Mabuyi who is about to be Sibusiso’s second wife who also married Thandeka.I am still new and fresh, and still trying to find myself to the way forward. My upcoming gig is Sokhulu & Partners that would hit the screen soon and it has been an amazing experience for me”, she concludes.