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Itching ear sign of spiritual poverty

By Faeza
17 September 2015

"I am a believer" you boast. A believer to what? Do you know what a believer is and what makes one a believer? Is it the going to the church every week carrying a bible you don't even know what is in it or even the first or the last book in it when asked. Calling the right name of salvation but not live up to the ways of the truth, makes you just a blasphemer and a believer in blaspeming the name of YaHWeH.

Yes, my brethren some may even be believers of men. They flock day and night to places where they get itching ear gospel (supply and demand). No wonder there is a rise in bizarre happenings in the churches today because we have abandoned the search of the True Gospel of the Messiah, as it becomes too cumbersome to follow due to its requirements of the chance of heart. By abandoning the search of the True Gospel, evil is increasing day and night. Even our young minds have seen evil sugar coated as fun games. People have become true believers of men.

My brethren seek the knowledge of YaHWeH it is the beginning of true believing. Then walk in accordance with the prescribed way of the truth and do not be lukewarm because you will only be good enough to induce vomit. And as sure as daylight YaHShua will spit you from his mouth (Revelations 3:16).


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH.