Joburg seeking 1 500 new metro cops

By Faeza
02 May 2017

The City of Johannesburg on Sunday put out a call for an additional 1 500 metro police officers to help with the fight against crime.

"With an additional 1500 officers deployed in the city, we are certain that visible policing will be more tangible and effective in curbing crime," mayoral committee member Michael Sun said in a statement.

Applicants are required to be South African citizens who live in Johannesburg, between the ages of 18 and 35 and who are proficient in English.

Qualifications needed include a valid matriculation certificate and driver’s licence.

Those interested in the position also need to be "physically and mentally fit" as well as have no criminal record or civil judgment relating to fraud or corruption, against them.

In December 2016, Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba made controversial remarks about the role of immigrants in allegedly contributing to crime. "They are holding our country to ransom and I am going to be the last South African to allow it," he said at the time.

Also back then, the Mail & Guardian newspaper reported on comments Mashaba apparently made to radio 702 in relation to hijacked buildings in the city centre, saying Johannesburg was a "lawless society".

He laid blame at national government saying it "handicapped" him in implementing "law and order".

Earlier this month, Mashaba said that while xenophobia "in all manifestations" was condemned, the city could not be a "safe haven for local or foreign criminals".

On Sunday, Sun said that the City hoped these positions would be filled by those wanting to make a "meaningful" contribution to society.

"This recruitment is the Department of Public Safety’s first step under the new administration to not only enhance visible policing, but to also create jobs for men and women who might... be without employment.

"We look forward to the brave men and women in the city answering this call of honour and becoming a member of the elite law enforcement of the city," Sun said.

Source: News24