JOHNSON’S® Baby Launches the Healthy Skin Project

By Faeza
18 May 2017

Melrose Arch, 11 May 2017 - JOHNSON’S® Baby, the global consumer brand,

has launched a bold and inspiring project in South Africa that will improve the

health of more than 3 million babies by 2020.


Healthy skin for healthier babies

Whilst we all love the softness of babies’ skin, most of us don’t realise that this

amazing organ acts as the first line of defence against infection. Small babies have

developing immune systems, and skin plays a very important role in shielding them

from germs and disease.1 However, babies’ skin is more vulnerable than adult skin

because it is 30% thinner2 and loses moisture 2 x faster.3 It needs very special care.

johnsonsWhy healthy skin matters

Poor socio-economic conditions make skin problems more difficult to confront.

Babies are more exposed to the elements and conditions like dry itchy skin can get

out of control, letting in bacteria that will impact negatively on a baby’s health as it


The plight of millions of mothers

According to the SA Health Review 2013, there are only 141 public sector

professional nurses to every 100 000 people on average, nationally.

This means there are only 12 508 medical practitioners and only 59 890 professional

nurses assisting these medical practitioners to serve the needs of the South African


Ordinary South African mothers bear the brunt of this. They have to walk many

kilometers carrying their unwell babies to the nearest government clinic, only to find

they are unlikely to be seen that day. This is yet another reason why skin problems

which are seen as non-life threatening, are going untreated in areas where socioeconomic

conditions are poor.