J'Something makes us want to fall in love

By Faeza
12 January 2017

True love is something very special and sometimes even magical.

Musician J'Something has always kept his love life very private, but since late last year his been sharing glimpses of his happiness with us.

He posted a message to his partner Cordelia Godi, on Instagram, that made our hearts melt

The lengthy post spoke about how breathtaking she is and how lucky he was to have her

"I never had any projections for my life in what type woman I wanted to end up with. But I'm glad that our paths collided. Im glad I have you. I promise to hold you in the palm of my hand and to shelter you and to guard you because you are my treasure. I will carry on trying to take over the world, cause with you in my corner I am unstoppable," wrote J'Something.