Julius Malema denies being arrested for speeding

By Faeza
14 November 2016

Julius Malema squashed reports that he has been arrested for speeding on Monday morning but his driver has been taken into police custody.

eNCA reported that the EEF leader and his driver are currently at a police station in the Free State after they were caught speeding this morning.

  However Julius denies the reports of him being arrested and took to Twitter to trash the allegation.  

Free State police spokesperson Nako Ramatso told eNCA that Malema’s driver is arrested and will be charged, Nako added that the driver told them they were “late for a court appearance” but Nako told him that this wouldn’t pardon them from speeding.

Julius is set to appear in front of the magistrate for allegedly provoking EFF supporters to occupy land on charges under the Riotous Assemblies Act concerning a statement he made two years ago.