Kabelo Mabalane kicks drug addiction to a curb!

By Faeza
02 September 2016

The award-winning artist celebrates 14 years of sobriety, writes Nomkhosi Miya.

While others still believe drug addiction is demon that can never be defeated, not for the Shibobo hit-maker Kabelo Mabalane. Recently he took to social media to thank the heavens for strength and ability to stay off drugs 14 years later.

He was quoted saying "Today 14yrs ago I made the decision to embark on the road to sobriety. I did it you can do it too. It's neither by might, nor wisdom but by His Spirit."

He had without a doubt walked the path and taken his war on drugs and substance abuse to the streets.

Reports reveal how in  May, he launched an initiative, with help from some of the country's most recognisable football stars, in an effort to fight substance abuse and by the looks of things, he is winning.

"In recovery I was taught the value of service and that's what I am doing with this initiative. It's important for me to give of myself and infuse hope in others," says the father of one.

Like a real pro, the star understands that the journey can be challenging. According to the reports Kabelo joined forces with government to encourage more men to get circumcised, saying that it's an issue that he feels passionately about.