Kabelo Mabalane to hosts IWISA No1 Legends TV show

By Faeza
17 November 2016

He is one of the biggest game changers in the entertainment industry. Known by his stage name Bouga Luv, Kabelo Mabalane (40), is passionate about working with the youth and changing lives.


Kabelo, who is a Kwaito star, makes it clear to Move! that he likes seeing young people running projects and empowering their communities. He says he wants to assist where he can through the IWISA No1 Legends show.

“The television show is a platform that showcases community entrepreneurs who are changing other people's lives,” he says.

“We are proud of what they are able to do with minimal assistance so this is our way of celebrating and recognising them as legends on the show. Their positive attitude encourages other young people to get involved in their communities and not wait for government to do everything for them. These young people are doing what's best for their communities and that's where we step in to help.” Kabelo adds proudly.


Kabelo explains that they refer to the young people on the show as "legends" because of their entrepreneurial fighting spirit.

“IWISA No1 chose me to get involved in the show because of the vision I've always had of encouraging people to stand up for themselves and make a difference in their communities. I have met extraordinary people through the show, for example, entrepreneur Thulani Madondo in Soweto, who runs Kliptown Youth Programme. He had electricity problems and we helped him with generators so that he can continue what he is doing for his community.” Kabelo says.


IWISA No1, South Africa’s preferred maize meal brand for 60 years, launched an inspiring SABC 1 mini TV show series designed to empower self-starters in townships- IWISA No1 Legends. The 6 episode short clip series follows the journey of 6 social entrepreneurs, referred to as “Legends”, who have started projects that change the lives of people in their communities.

“Through the show, we want to remind South Africans that we can do it. Sometimes people need to be reminded that legends are not only found in the entertainment industry or in big cities but they are right there eKasi. I am grateful for the opportunity that IWISA No1 gave me, and I’m looking forward to assist where I can,” he concludes.

Watch the IWISA No1 Legends at 6.20pm every Thursday on SABC1.