Kekeletso ‘Keke’ Phoofolo on kids and family part 1

By admin
29 August 2013

He runs his own church and has been in the gospel music industry since the late ’90s, but Kekeletso ‘Keke’ Phoofolo says his career is only just beginning.


Your family is growing steadily. Any plans to have more kids?

I think we are done. Three are enough. Kids are so expensive nowadays.

The age gap between Lesedi and Azania is rather big. Why did you wait?

We were waiting for Mpho to finish school, and I had really hoped that we would have a baby much later. We still have so many plans, and one of them is to finish building our house, which has been delayed a bit. We have been married for a while, so it’s great that Azania is here – and she is our only girl.

My family is…

A crazy bunch. We are a very unpredictable but warm family, and a family of comedians.

My kids and I enjoy playing with each other and making jokes. We are funny, but know when to be serious. We are also a very close-knit family. On weekends, they know that I like my tea, and that I am grateful when they wash my cars. They enjoy the chores that we give them, because they know that once they have done them properly, they can ask for anything reasonable and I will do it for them.

What kind of father are you?

I am very strict. I don’t negotiate myway with a child. If you live undermy roof, eat my food and wear myclothes, then my word goes.That’s how I was raised, and I willcontinue raising my kids the Africanway. If I have to take a belt and disciplinethem with it, I will do so.