Kenny Kunene a new man

By Faeza
12 May 2016

Kenny Kunene has apparently turned a new leaf, saying goodbye to his days as a blesser.

Kunene has apologised for buying women during his former days a blesser, back then it was called a sugar daddy.

The blesser phenomenal has taken over South Africa, with women openly speaking about sleeping with rich men in exchange for a posh lifestyle.

Kenny said those who take part in the “blesser” lifestyle are basically prostituting themselves.

Kenny is a taken man these days and is madly in love with his girlfriend, who he says is not “a liker of things”.

She made him realise that independent women, who don’t need money to define themselves, are far more attractive than the ones getting blessed.

Kunene has not only changed his ways but also plans on settling down with the woman he refers to as his rib, later in the year.

He also sent a special message to all the women he blessed during his days as a blesser:

“I apologise to all those girls who I directly or indirectly bought for sex. I realise that I was a pimp and that I turned countless girls into prostitutes,” he said on's Checkpoint.

Kenny and his rib