KFC Add Hope’s first advertisement

By Faeza
12 October 2015

October is World Hunger Month and KFC Add Hope launched a television advertisement to show us how a nutritious meal makes a difference in a child’s life. In South Africa 3.2 million children do not have access to proper nutrition and go to bed hungry every night.

A child dies every 15 seconds because they do not have enough nutrients and they are underweight.  A Professional dietician who consults with Afrika Tikkun, Abby Courtenay said: ““When a child doesn’t get the right nutrients, malnutrition can manifest both mentally and physically. Classic examples would be a decrease in concentration, memory and fatigue as well as delayed or stunted development of muscle and bones.”

While Educational Psychologist Juliana Mendonça, from Spero Wellness Centre said: “Children make use of many cognitive processes such as visual memory, attention, scanning, strategic thinking and decision making whilst drawing.  They are able to engage with their imagination and essentially create a physical representation of what they have in mind. When a child doesn’t get the right nutrients and nourishment, the brain doesn’t develop as it should and neither do the gross motor skills, so you will see a drop in concentration ability and memory.  These are crucial in learning environments.”

KFC Add Hope’s advertisement is illustrated by a 1000 drawings done 250 kids from Afrika Tikkun, one of Add Hope’s beneficiaries. Add Hope uses your R2 donation to help make a difference in the lives of hungry children and fight poverty. Over R263 million has been raised through the Add Hope initiative.

You can help by donating R2 each time you buy a meal at any KGC outlet. To find out more visit www.addhope.co.za