Khanyi Mbau back in the music scene

By Faeza
21 April 2016

Socialite Khanyi Mbau may have done it before the TV personality insists that she’s turned a corner and is ready to ‘commit’ to music with a new track.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment on Wednesday, Khanyi revealed that the freestyle was originally recorded during a “play play studio session” but the positive response the track got has led her to release the songs to her fans.

“I was in studio with Oskido’s son when the guys played a beat and I decided to‚ jokingly‚ jump onto it and freestyle. I was just playing around but they mixed it up a bit and played it whenever they performed and apparently the crowds loved it‚” she said.

If you remember, this is not the first time Khanyi tries her hand at music. The first time she tried was back in 2010 with a single called “work up on it” which failed dismally and it’s something she even refers to as a “flop”.

“I was 20 and it fell flat on its face. I was too caught up in my ex and other things in my life. You have to work on your music and I didn’t give music enough of my time so it flopped. But now a music career is something that I would consider doing. I’m ready to commit to music. I’ve grown so much and I feel like I can finally be true to myself in my music.”

A jog down memory lane