Khaya Mthethwa preaches everyday Christianity

By admin
10 February 2014

Popular musician and proud Christian Khaya Mthethwa has taken to twitter to criticise grass-eating Christians.

“Sunday morning believers will fall prey to any doctrine!! Let us grow up and mature in our personal capacities not our congregations,”he tweeted early on Monday morning.

“For as long as you are not ultimately lead by God ... You will be misled by man including pastors sometimes “#Grasseaters” he continued with the support of his fans on both twitter and face book .

He continued to criticise the shamed Christians, “People in churches are mislead by their leaders because they refuse to have their own relationships with God. My Pastor is not my God,”he said.

The musician , devoted Christian and proud pastors son was reacting to the recent videos and news reports of Christians under Pastor Lesego Daniels  crawling on the ground and grazing in an attempt to get closer to God .

Pastor Lesego raised international alarm with his controversial teachings and videos of his congregation eating grass this year .