Kid X tells his side of the story

By Faeza
02 September 2016

Kid X has finally broken his silence on his Cashtime departure.

The rapper shocked the nation last week Friday when he announced on SABC1’s Live Amp that he had parted ways with Cashtime records.

The news went virtual as fans swamped social media with their opinions on the departure and some were even pointing fingers at rapper KO for artists leaving the label.

Kid X has finally spoken about his side of the story during an interview on Slikouronline,

"The main and important reason was I felt like I needed to grow. I felt like at Cashtime, because of the way the label is structured I’d pretty much done anything or everything that I could possibly do," he told Slikouronlife.

"I feel like the label and I sort of stopped seeing eye to eye in terms of creativity, we were not really on the same page. Point in case, the mixtape. The mixtape initially, when I gave it to the label, we were still in demo form. This is a demo that I was riding around with in the car, to obviously just finish off the project and to see what I could enhance, what I could add to sort of give it value."  Kid X added on.

The rapper added that when he took his nearly finished mixtape to the label, they overlooked it.