Killed by Dineo, a dolphin lies alone on windswept Moz coast

By Faeza
17 February 2017

A pod of dolphins beached by tropical storm Dineo on the coast of Mozambique were spinner dolphins, a lodge says.

Rescuers from Cashew Lodge Inhassoro battled in the early hours of Thursday to return the 16 dolphins to the sea, sloshing water over them and swimming them out to sea in a desperate attempt to keep them alive, the lodge said on Facebook.

But, likely disorientated by the storm, some of the dolphins kept returning.

Eight died, including two babies

The lodge has posted a short clip to its Facebook page of one of the dead dolphins left on the grey shoreline the next morning.

Now Dugong Lodge, also in Inhassoro, says a pod of dolphins had been seen earlier in the day close to land. "It is possible these were the same ones that beached themselves," said Dugong in a statement. Quoting a marine biologist, the lodge said they were spinner dolphins. There have been up to 10 species of dolphin recorded in Mozambican waters.

Spinner dolphins are famous for their acrobatic displays.

Pictures of devastated coastal lodges are being posted online as locals count the cost of the damage. Some telephone networks are not working. Several buildings in Inhambane City have been badly damaged, photographs show. So far the death toll stands at seven.

Strong winds were being reported in Bartolomeu Dias and other ares Friday morning in the aftermath of Dineo.

Source:  News24