Kings Of The Weekend

By Faeza
21 November 2015

What overall sound were you guys going for with this album because some songs have a hip hop feel, others afro-pop and some have a Kwaito touch such as the KOTW Anthem?

As SPHEctacula and DJ Naves, we have quite a vast range of musical tastes and naturally that was always going to come into play when it came down to producing songs for the album. We wanted to create an album that explored those influences as much as possible and that all resulted in the eclectic mix of genres we have on the Kings Of The Weekend Album.

How would you guys define your sound?

As South African period. Every person from Mzansi has a song that they can relate to on this release and that’s very cool for us.

What do you want to achieve with this album and what took you guys so long?

Well, we would like to have a few chart topping singles from the project and just see how far that goes with respect to endorsements and sync deals etc but most importantly we also want to have a statement that we are more than just able presenters and Djs, we can also hold our own when it comes to producing albums and creating music from scratch. We don’t think it took long at all. It was an item on a to do list and it happened just as we planned it. We tested the market with 2 singles and when we felt that our offering was ready and made sense, we dropped the album. We just neeeded to 1st make sure that the radio and tv endevours made sense so that it would be easier to get the recognition for the music when the time came.

Personally which song is your favourite on the album?

SPHEctacula: Definitely Abantu Babantu ft Arny Mkhize and Star. It’s a Gqhom song with a great gimmick that’ll take the country by storm in a few months. It reminds me of my home city of Dbn so everytime I put it on, it immediately takes me home wherever I am in the world.

Naves: Tough Choice but if I had to choose, I would choose ‘More Than Friends’ ft Khaya Mthethwa. Its been such an incredible journey from when the sample 1st hit me up until where the song is today. Lots of stories can be told around that song.

How do you guys balance work and play?

Fortunately for us, most of our work IS play so that makes it easier. However when we do have to choose, work ALWAYS comes 1st and we just schedule in down time when we can. U need to let your hair down occasionally to keep working at the frenetic pace that we do.

What has kept you two together for so long?

DEFINITELY a mutual respect and deep understanding of who the other person is. We know we wouldn’t have come so far without each other’s input so we just keep grinding and working on the vision and ambitions for the team. Not easy at times because we are the manager, star player and lackey of the team but we have never shied away from hard work and here we are today.

What is the one thing we do not about you guys?

One is that we don’t live with each other!. Lol! The others would be that SPHEctacula used to be in a kwaito group in high school with his step brother, comedian Trevor Gumbi and that Naves is fanatic about rebuilding classic cars.

You are you most closest to?

SPHEctacula: My sister, Londi Gumbi and my cousin Arny Mkhize

Naves: My immediate Family

What is your feel good songs when things get rough?

Without a doubt, Sfiso Ncwane’s ‘Kulungile Baba’!! Reminds us of the fact that there is a higher power, reinforces our spirituality and also reminds us that despite all odds and struggles there is always a silver lining somewhere if u have hope and faith. No matter what the world throws at you.

If you guys were not in the music industry what would you guys be doing?

Doing jobs that make us very unhappy. The career choice we made gives us the complete opposite feeling of that and we also get to apply what we studied at varsity in our daily lives.