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King’s Warning To son: “Don’t Smoke Dagga”

By Faeza
06 October 2015

Controversial Abathembu king Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, a self-confessed dagga smoker, has warned his eldest son to “stay away from dagga”.

This shocking warning comes at a time when Dalindyebo faces a big chance of serving 12 years in jail for crimes committed in 1995 – including assault, arson and culpable homicide.

For this, he has already announced his intension to step down, and hand over the reins to his son Azenathi, a 23-year old university student. In a short speech at his Bumbane Great Place near Mthatha, Dalindyebo warned his son that to be a great leader, he would need to stay away from dagga, alcohol and politics.

As constructive as the advice is, however, it has been seen as rich, coming from Dalindyebo who has repeatedly publicly admitted to smoking the “holly herb” and defected from the ANC to join the Democratic Alliance.