Kiss like Pro

By admin
29 May 2014

Need to refuel your romance ? Expert kissing tips will help you light up that fire

1) Make sure your mouth is sweet and fresh, ready for a serious workout. Hygiene is very important.

Brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and always keep some mints or chewing gum handy. Avoid garlic

and other foods that leave an unpleasant aftertaste (unless you’ve both eaten it).

2)Keep your lips soft with balm or Vaseline. Do not kiss someone when you have a cold sore, as you can easily pass on the virus.

3)When you and your partner move in for a kiss, tilt your head slightly to the right so you don’t

bump noses. Maintain eye contact until your lips touch, then close your eyes to heighten the sensuality of the kiss.

4)Start off with closed but relaxed lips. Kiss lightly, mouth on mouth, then kiss the top lip, then

the bottom lip.

5)Suck gently on your partner’s lips, then brush the tip of your tongue across their lips. If they

close their mouth or move away, they aren’t quite ready for full-on, tongue kissing. That’s fine – respect their wishes.

6)If your partner responds with some tongue, then you can take it as a cue to get more adventurous.

Keep your tongue soft and sensual. Be warned: hard, forceful probing is

not sexy.

7)Wrap your arms tightly around your partner’s waist or neck or hold his/her cheeks as you continue

to kiss.

8)Keep on breathing lightly through your nose, and every now and again, draw away, smile, band take a deep breath before continuing the kiss.

9)The way your partner kisses you is usually a sign that they want to be kissed like that. Tell your partner what you like about their kissing. That way you won’t risk hurting their feelings.

10)Mix it up: quicker kisses show passion, slower kisses show intimacy. Don’t forget to kiss the

eyes, ears, hands and the neck.