By Faeza
07 July 2015

They say a kiss can make one to not walk away from you. We are looking at some ways to kiss better to make your relationship much better. There are different ways of kissing and it is never boring.

Here are five ways to kiss better.

Kissing technique is something you need to explore; you kiss your partner on the lips and slowly moving on to your cheek, then on the neck.

Sucking is another technique that is awesome; suck your partner’s lips as if you are enjoying your favourite lollipop.

A nibble is when you squeeze your partners’ lips between your teeth, try it, it can work for you too.

Touching: try using your hands when kissing; this will make kissing much more exciting.

Ear licking is the most exciting because the ears are so sensitive, your partner may not tell you like it is but it is way too exciting.