Know your skin

By admin
22 October 2013

It is up to all Move! readers to protect themselves by making wise choices and educating themselves. Remember, your skin is for life and you should always protect it. Here are some tips:

• If a skin product is suggested to you by a friend or a family member, don’t totally believe it. Most of our friends are not medical doctors or skin specialists, therefore they sometimes know as little as you.

• Never buy any product that does not have an ingredient label. An ingredient label tells you what substances are in a product and if it has any side affects. This label could be on the product, on the package and on a small pamphlet. You can show this label to your doctor or dermatologist who will advise you properly.

• It is important that the product has an address of the manufacturer or a hotline number so you can contact them to find out more about the product.

• If you want to remove blemishes or marks on your skin, rather see a general doctor or a dermatologist (a doctor who is a skin specialist). They have knowledge about how to treat skin problems and can recommend safe products.

• Quick-fix skin products don’t work. If a product offers you instant results, you must be suspicious. Any good doctor will tell you that it takes time to fix a skin problem such as acne or scars on your face. Overnight remedies fail in the long run.

• Avoid buying skin medication and creams from street vendors. Most of the products have expired (look at the label for the sell-by date) and may be sold illegally.