Knowing Keketso Semoko: Guidance

By admin
06 October 2013


Ma Agnes has suffered in her marriage. How should women in that situation handle it?

Life is all about challenges and finding solutions. Women who experience problems in their marriage should try to find out what is suitable for them and what will work out best for them.

How should one handle money?

It’s about discipline. If you are disciplined, it shows in your life. Discipline teaches you to handle money, relationships and your career. You must not be extravagant or impress people. When you are in debt, the bank holds you accountable.

How can one be successful?

It’s important to go to school. You must also be a scholar for life and study to be knowledgeable. It’s shocking that people have room dividers that are full of plates and cups and there is not even a book in sight. People must read books, newspapers and magazine so that they can know about this country and other worlds.