K.O addresses Kid X's departure

By Faeza
29 August 2016

When Kid X shared the news about his sudden departure from Cash Time  Records a lot of people were in shock, especially his fans, they couldn’t believe his actions and they wanted to know the reason for his decision.

The public took to social media and started blaming K.O for Kid X’s exit.

After all the allegations that were made on Twitter by the public both artists kept mum about the situation.

  Late last week K.O decided to speak out about the situation, he released a public statement addressing Kid X’s actions.   Below is the statement:

Dear Fam,

When I started Cashtime Life, my intention was to create a platform that was not only a business but also a creative hub that would help me and other young, energetic and like-minded artists to get their dreams out.

Although plenty of people warned me against embarking on that journey, my selfless and holistic business approach was meant to sustain Teargas after all of its success. That’s why Cashtime Fam was formed. Fast-forward to the collective deciding to launch solo careers: I opted to re-brand the movement as Cashtime Life.

Sadly, not everyone was on the same wavelength.

Because some of my brothers did not share the vision, they decided to exclude themselves from the new set-up – but that’s a story for another day.

Today, I’d like to address a few things.  Firstly I’d like to take this moment to wish my brother and friend, Kid X, all the best on his journey as an artist and his new 88 King vision. I am super proud of him.

I have similar sentiments about Moozlie. I will love and support you guys always!

The success of Caracara put me in a position to bring some of the Cashtime Life guys to my shows and share a portion of my booking fees with them. This was done in the name of getting their brands out there and building my team.

In the spirit of empowering others, I took many of my own beats, concepts and hooks then gave them to some of the guys. Those songs quickly turned them into household names. I was happy to see everyone flourish and generate their own income!

My album, Skhanda Republic, was released in 2014 and was essentially the sole marketing tool at our disposal at the time. Kid X, Maggz and Ma-E were set to be the next ones to go off and shut down 2015 but none of their albums were ready by July of that year.