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Kotex explores exam stress effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle tip 1

By Faeza
05 November 2015

We all tend to be a little bit more anxious towards the end of the year when exam time rolls around with nerves on edge and anxiety that can give you uncomfortable knots in your stomach.

Sister Burgie, advisory nursing sister and midwife for Kotex® gives us advice:

Is it important to see a doctor if I experience these symptoms?

If a woman recognises that stress is causing havoc with her periods, she should first take steps to control or minimise her stress levels. Doctors and clinics are quick to mask underlying symptoms by prescribing the contraceptive pill for the sake of having ‘regular periods’, however, it’s best for young growing bodies to try and eliminate stress through natural remedies and relaxation techniques such as slowing down, taking a bubble bath with soothing bath oils and scented candles, doing an activity that you enjoy such as watching your favourite movie, baking or even pampering yourself and getting a massage.