Kotex explores exam stress effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle tip 2

By Faeza
06 November 2015

We all tend to be a little bit more anxious towards the end of the year when exam time rolls around with nerves on edge and anxiety that can give you uncomfortable knots in your stomach.

Sister Burgie, advisory nursing sister and midwife for Kotex® gives us tips:

Should it be something one should be worried about?

Stress that interferes with menstrual cycles should not be ignored. If left unchecked it could become distress, burnout, breakdown, depression or even panic attacks. Sister Burgie informs, “Taking control of stress can be as simple as having regular walks, going to dance classes or joining a social club, drinking less coffee and improving one’s diet”.

A homeopath or herbalist can prescribe natural medication, and a doctor is more likely to prescribe anti-anxiety medication or antidepressants. Although it’s important to note that the two cannot be used together. A helpful pharmacist can suggest over-the-counter multivitamins, tonics, natural mood enhancers or homeopathic drops that can help relieve the symptoms of stress.